Drink your way through the Periodic Table of Wine - for science!

Join our Periodic Table of Wine retail wine club and drink your way to wine knowledge and fame in the form of a coveted spot on our PTW WALL OF FAAAAAAAME! Each month we feature 2 retail selections of the month. Each wine you purchase will fulfill a square on our Periodic Table of Wine. Each selection comes with an info sheet so you can learn more. Once you’ve made your way through all the squares, your name will be added to a fancy wall plaque along with all the other ambitious wine lovers that have achieved this remarkable accomplishment.* A few times a year, we will have bonus months where you will be able to fulfill up to 6 squares. It’s free to join, fun to do, plus you’re going to learn a lot about wine before this shindig is over. Come in today and ask for your pocket-sized PTW Wine Club Card.

PTW table_club pic.jpg

*We don’t actually have the Wall of Fame plaque, but we will by the time you’re ready to slap that shiny plate with your name on it, we promise.