Join Mondo! Wine Bar and The Furies for a free ONE NIGHT ONLY staged reading of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night on the Patio.

The struggle is real in this Shakespearean comedy of errors, where the hilariously awkward clumsiness of romance will be tripping and stumbling all over Mondo's patio like a drunk uncle at a wedding.

Separated from her twin brother after a shipwreck, Viola disguises herself as a man to work in the local household of Duke Orsino. While Viola (in disguise as "Cesario") helps Orsino woo his crush, the beautiful noblewoman Olivia, she finds herself entangled in TWO (!) budding romances of her own! Much to their dismay (and to your delight), the trio is thrust into a tangled web of mistaken identity and wanton foolishness, especially once twin brother Sebastian shows up, and other suitors for Olivia's hand get involved.

As cheerful as yellow stockings, and as twisty as cross-garters, this debut project from new local theatre collective, The Furies, is sure to please audience members regardless of their familiarity with the Bard. Adapted to 90 minutes for your summertime enjoyment, don't miss this fun evening in the beautiful outdoors!