The way you get a better world is, you don’t put up with substandard anything. - Joe Strummer

Wednesday, February 7th we will be taking a bit of a departure from the normal evening scene at Mondo! to celebrate International Clash Day. Started by KEXP morning DJ John Richards in 2003, it is a day to celebrate and honor the music of The Clash. The music from this band has been incredibly influential to countless musicians, artists, music lovers, and Mondo! founders and aging punks, David and Jane Oliver.

Join us for an evening of music from The Clash (aka: The Only Band that Matters), specials on select wine, beer and pub snacks. It's the 40th Anniversary of the release of London Calling (how old does that make you feel?) Stand in front of our massive London Calling poster and recreate the iconic photo while pretending to smash a guitar, but please don't actually smash the guitar. We don’t need to be THAT authentic.

Plus, for one night only, our Mondo Matchups will turn into MONDO CLASH-UPS: red wines vs white wines! WHAAAA?! Can we do that? That's ANARCHY! No it isn't, it's punk rock. It's what Joe Strummer would have wanted. Also drink like a cheap-ass punk with $2 Red Stripe beer.

Got a Clash t-shirt? Wear it! Got a leather jacket and combat boots? Wear 'em! Bring your beautiful self and your drinking buddies for a night of fun and music you won't find anywhere else in the Fox Valley. 

*The music will be louder than normal for this event, but we will return to our normal, quiet selves on Friday..promise.

Artwork by Barry Blankenship